Corporate Responsibility at Oras Group is based on our values and includes economic, environmental and social responsibility. 

All Oras Group factories are located in Europe, close to our main markets. Our factories are significant employers and taxpayers in their respective communities. We are also a significant partner to suppliers of investment goods, materials and components.  

We actively monitor legal and other requirements from authorities to ensure compliance. We maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders to learn their expectations and preferences. Customer satisfaction is regularly measured.   

Our integrated management system includes quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety management. We actively pursue improvements in energy efficiency and environmental protection. Our products are designed to save water and energy. The well-being and safety of our personnel is a priority of Oras Group. 

We support the continuous competence and career development of our employees. The annual employee engagement survey is used to further develop the working environment and increase employee satisfaction. We treat all employees equally and respectfully and do not tolerate discrimination. Our code of conduct is a guide to responsible behaviour.