Collaborative way of working

To enhance the collaborative way of working we put special emphasis on developing the organizational behaviour at Oras Group. The concept of organizational behaviour is built on Oras Group behaviour principles which are derived from the values of Oras Group.

Organizational behaviour at Oras Group: The will and skills to act actively by communicating frankly and openly, committing to the delivery of high quality in all actions, developing one's own work and supporting the supervisor and colleagues.


All our employees undergo the organizational behaviour training. It consists of five modules, covering topics related to communication, trust, team work, responsibility, proactiveness and focusing on the essential.

Employee engagement survey (EES) is carried out every year. The aim of the survey is to identify development needs in the organization. We communicate the survey results on the intranet and organize EES workshops discuss the results. Teams transform selected areas of development into development plans. Progress in implementing the plans is monitored regularly.

Idea management aims to engage the entire personnel of Oras Group to submit proposals to:

  • Continuously improve existing and new processes in the company
  • Improve communication in the company and the interaction between sites, functions and departments
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Achieve savings, reduce costs and avoid spending
  • Improve safety, ergonomics, quality, environmental aspects and energy savings
  • Promote innovativeness, pro-activeness and spontaneous ideas
  • Promote employee motivation and integrate them actively in the work process and development.

The ideas can vary from safety observations and improvement proposals to initiatives with an implementation plan or proposals with future potentials. Ideas leading to financial benefits are rewarded.