Safety culture

The health and safety of our employees is a top priority for us. We have worked hard to establish our safety culture and we continuously strive to improve it.

Our integrated management system includes the Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007. 

Safety training

Safety training is mandatory to all employees as well as sub-contractors. All visitors are given a safety briefing. In Finland, all our employees and sub-contractors must have the official Occupational Safety Card which is obtained by passing a day-long safety training, given by an external specialist. In other countries employees are trained by external specialists or by their supervisors.

Depending on the employees needs and tasks, training is offered on topics such as first aid, emergency, fire protection, electrical safety, hot work, and handling of dangerous goods. Fire, emergency and evacuation practices are held regularly.

6S – lean workplace

We apply the 6S philosophy at our operational sites. The idea of 6S is organize the workplace, the tools and materials needed by using visual cues, for better efficiency and effectiveness. The benefits are improved safety and ergonomics at work, decreased waste, increased quality and productivity. Monthly audits that include safety walks are carried out to sustain and develop the lean workplace.

Safety awareness

We use multiple channels to increase the safety awareness of our employees.

Risks assessments are carried out for all positions in the factories and personal protective equipment is assigned for each employee.

Monthly safety news, including videos, are communicated on the intranet as well on information boards. All employees are encouraged to report safety observations. These are analyzed, corrective measures are taken and once a month they are published on the intranet as well as discussed at work meetings.

We also have safety related campaigns covering safer technologies, ergonomics and other safety related topics. Some of the campaigns go beyond the workplace, promoting the overall healthier lifestyle, such as the business bike initiative in Germany.

Our goal - zero accidents

Our goal is zero accidents. At Oras Group we report and analyze all accidents as well as near misses. Information is exchanged between the operational sites and measures are taken to prevent that the same kind of accident could not happen again. Lost-time accident rates are calculated from day one (LTA1). No fatalities have occurred in any of our operational sites.

Zero Accidents Forum

Rauma plant belongs to the Zero Accident Forum - a network of over 400 workplaces operating in Finland and sharing the goal of zero accidents. The Forum shares best practices about occupational safety and well-being and trains its members. It also rates its members according to their safety performance.