Oras Group

Corporate Responsibility at Oras Group can be divided into three main categories: social, environmental and economic responsibility.

All Oras Group factories are significant employers in their respective communities. We are also a significant partner to suppliers of investment goods, materials and components. Our long term goal is to strengthen the company to enable profitable growth.

Our management system is maintained efficiently and evaluated periodically by DNV GL. The management system includes quality, environment, health and safety and energy management. We also actively monitor the legal requirements, as well as other requirements from our stakeholders and authorities, and ensure that all our operations fulfil these requirements.

The wellbeing and safety of our personnel is a priority of Oras Group. We are developing the skills of our managers by conducting leadership trainings. We also measure the wellbeing and satisfaction of our employees by a yearly survey. The results of the survey are used to develop the working environment, the cooperation and other important issues rising from the survey.

We treat all employees equally and respectfully and do not tolerate discrimination based on gender, age, religion or national origin. We offer equal opportunities for all our employees, also in recruitment.