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Oras Group Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is the foundation of Oras Group’s role as a company, work community, and corporate citizen. The code of conduct is based on our company values, which form the basis for our common company culture. The company values guide all our decisions, big and small, and help us prioritize matters. The values apply to all of us in every position. We are all expected to act according to the company values and avoid any behaviour that contradicts them. Everyone working at Oras Group complies with these principles, together with others and as individuals. 

In addition to the code of conduct, we comply with applicable national and international laws, regulations and behave in an ethically acceptable manner. 

We have more specific Oras Group Guidelines for the practical application of these principles. 

This code of conduct has been approved by the Board of Directors. 

  1. All our stakeholders can trust us to always act honestly and reliably.

Our business is based on integrity. Through our actions, we show our customers and partners that we are worth their trust. We aim at sustainable success, in terms of time and responsibility, and make decisions in line with this aim. 

How is this visible in practice? 

  • We keep our promises.
  • Cooperation and business with us is based on honest interaction.
  • We know our customers and partners and build sustainable, lasting partnerships.
  • We are brave enough to take action when we see a need for intervention. 
  1. We base our decisions and operations on straightforward and goal-oriented co-operation.

We respect one another and our partners. We adhere to the applicable legislation concerning our stakeholders in all our operations. Each one of us bears our responsibility for the atmosphere at work and its improvement. 

How is this visible in practice?

  • Our decisions are based on the best possible information available.
  • We actively prevent discrimination and bullying.
  • We do not accept nor do we offer any bribes.
  • We only offer and accept gifts and hospitality of reasonable value.
  • We honour human rights and require the same from our partners.
  • We neither mix personal matters with business nor seek financial benefit at the expense of the company.
  • We promote free competition.
  1. We achieve results by doing the right things right.

In all our operations we aim to maintain high quality. We consider all areas of accountability: we act efficiently, safely, minimizing negative environmental impact and recognising our societal impact. We aim at comprehensive, long-term effectiveness and value creation. We are a work community where everyone can experience the joy of succeeding and developing. 

How is this visible in practice? 

  • The high quality of our products is based on our competencies and our uncompromising mindset.
  • We never sacrifice safety for the good of productivity.
  • We always set common goals of the Group before our personal ones.
  • We are committed to acting, managing, and developing our operations according to environmental standards.
  • We continuously assess the quality of our actions, as well as the added value they generate and their need for development.
  • Everyone has the right and the responsibility to develop in their work and participate in joint development.
  • We understand that productivity requires a balance between work and personal life.
  • We treat everyone fair and equal independent of their background. We believe that diversity of thought is an asset and ensure everyone's opinion is heard.
  1. All our operations are transparent.

This is the only way to ensure all decisions have been made lawfully, responsibly, and according to our guidelines. We always aim at having an open, appreciative dialogue both internally and with our external stakeholders. We protect the company’s material and immaterial assets. We manage the confidential information in our possession according to the law and Oras Group guidelines. Each of us has a vital role in building Oras Group’s reputation. 

How is this visible in practice? 

  • We manage relations with customers and other partners in a transparent manner.
  • We only report correct information.
  • We do not allow the structures of the organisation to prevent us from sharing information with all relevant parties and joint development.
  • We handle confidential information and personal data responsibly and according to guidelines.
  • We do not disclose, share or accept information that could compromise free competition.
  • We are an active part of society in the communities where we operate.
  • As a company, we do not participate in political or religious activities.
  • We do not abuse the company’s assets for the benefit of ourselves or any other persons.

Follow-up and reporting 

Doing the right thing is not always easy. When in doubt, we need to look at the matter through our values. When we hesitate, we address the issues openly together.  

If you are unsure of how to act right, please contact your supervisor. If you observe behavior that is against this code, you are obligated to intervene and report the matter to the appropriate body. We encourage you to primarily contact your supervisor, other management, or the appropriate responsible body. All reports and discussions are treated confidentially. In case you do not want to report a breach or misconduct under your own name, you can report the matter anonymously through Oras Group’s Whistleblowing Channel.  

Actions against laws, these ethical principles, or any other Oras Group rules may lead to disciplinary actions. Possible sanctions may vary from a reprimand to terminating employment and penalties as stated by the law. 

It is everyone’s duty to adhere to our code of conduct and to report any non-conformance to one’s supervisor or the local HR. A justifiable doubt made in good faith is sufficient. Reporting will not lead to repercussions for the individual. 

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