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Oras Group
Code of Conduct

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Doing the Right Things - Working Towards a Perfect Flow Together

Being a responsible employer and making a positive impact on society are key aspects of sustainability and at the very core of living our values. Our responsibility is to ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them and what to do when they see behavior that is not in line with our Code of Conduct (later Code) and our Values. 

Our Code helps each of us, at every level of Oras Group, to: 
  • Follow the law wherever we operate.
  • Promote integrity and the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Navigate complicated workplace situations.
  • Seek help from people and policies when the right course of action is unclear.
  • Avoid even the appearance of anything improper in connection with our business activities. 

Oras Group Code - the Focus Areas

Ensuring the Best Workplace

We value diversity, equity and inclusion,
as well as freedom to work without facing
Ensuring the health and safety of our personnel is integral part of our everyday work and decisions.

Conducting Business Responsibly

Fair dealings with all our customers and partners
are at the heart of our business conduct.
We avoid conflicts of interest and point them out
if they can't be evaded.

Following the Law

We put special effort into ensuring fair and open competition, and comply with trade laws.
We do not tolerate corruption, bribery or money laundering. 


Protecting Information and Assets

We value the company assets entrusted to us,
and observe good security practices.
Confidential information and intellectual property
is protected and data privacy respected with high regard. 

Building a Better World

We cherish and promote corporate social responsibility in all its forms.
Sustainability and environmental stewardship
drive our everyday work decisions, while
at the same time guiding the company-level decisions.

No reason, including the desire to meet business goals, should ever be an excuse for violating our Code, our policies or the law.

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