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Marcin feels like home at Oras Group

Marcin-PIlsniak-big“I came for a while and stayed longer,” says Marcin, whose talent and perseverance have brought him plenty of opportunities within the Group itself.

Some days it can be difficult for Marcin Pilśniak to stop working and go home. If a problem feels unsolved, he'd rather solve it right away.

“I know I’m sometimes too stubborn,” he admits. “I’m very happy when I achieve a target, but when things don’t go right, I get very frustrated.”

Marcin’s stubbornness – or more kindly put, perseverance – has taken him far. He’s been working for Oras Group since March 2007 when, after finishing his army service and a short period in automotive production, he went to the factory to inquire about open vacancies.

Initially, he worked at the production line, but soon his superiors spotted his talent and wanted to offer him more responsibility. During his career at Oras Group, he’s held various positions across different production lines. Currently, his job title is process engineer, machine grinding, and polishing.

“I came for a while and stayed longer,” he says and laughs. “This place is like my second home.”

Plenty of opportunities

Whilst working for Oras Group and his previous studies in engineering, Marcin has also studied people management. His employer covered part of the costs, as it was something that supported Marcin’s success in his work.

Marcin sees himself as an example of how at Oras Group people can be promoted, no matter the level and position they start from if they are interested in exploring different career paths and enthusiastic about learning new tasks.

“At Oras Group, the focus is on people. Here you have plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and expand your responsibilities.”

On top of his stubbornness, Marcin is also very devoted to the cause and improving the overall performance of the business.

“My key to success is that I see it as mine. Reaching targets is important to me personally, not just because of my job.”

Big imagination

In his current role, Marcin spends his days planning new production lines and machines, optimizing current manufacturing processes and workstations, and generally providing technical support. In the future, he would like to create something entirely new, maybe even an entire process from scratch.

“I have a big imagination.”

As his employer has previously supported his ambitions to expand his knowledge and skills, he’s got no reason to think Oras Group wouldn’t offer him the opportunity to use his imagination to its fullness.

Marcin isn’t the only person at the factory who’s started out at the production line but then proceeded to other, more specialized positions. Hence, he thinks that new people joining the company should be open-minded and ready, and willing to embrace, for example, new technologies.

“Oras Group is very future-oriented,” he notes. “If we don’t think open-mindedly, we’ll stay in one place.”

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